Google Places Optimization

Google is the new Yellow pages! Can potential customers or patients find you on top?

When a small business wants to create an online presence outside of their company website, one of the most beneficial things they can do is optimize for Local Searches.

Local Search is the fastest growing method of online inquiries. Google reports that 97% of consumers search for local businesses online. Research also found that Local Search helped one-third of all iPhone and Android users to locate at least two businesses they previously hadn’t known about.

Google Places pages feature photos, videos, and special promotions for your business. Customers can visit your Google Places page to instantly find all the information they require: your address, phone number, reviews, website url, hours of operation, and more.

Do you have a business that serves a local geo market? Are you near the top in Google where new customers can find you? If not, we can help!

The higher your website places in Google places, the higher your business revenues will be.

Google Places allows local companies to manage their location and service information on Google and makes it easier for people to find you and your company in the search engines as exampled below.

iMediaLocal has been at the forefront of Local Search Marketing for years. We understand how important it is for prospective customers to find your business online, and we have the expertise and experience necessary to take your company to the top and keep it there. We take great pride in the fact that we’ve kept many of our clients in their top spots for years now, despite the many changes implemented in the world of Google Places and the organic search results.

Contact us today to see how we can help your company to get on the top of Google’s Local results.

Mobile Website Design

Is your web site design mobile friendly and ready for the next online revolution?

According to recent surveys, more than 86.1% of Canadians own a mobile device and more than 90% of us used one to access the Internet in 2017. Mobile web users tap into their devices at all stages of the purchase cycle from awareness through to conversion. That’s why it’s key to have a mobile site that’s optimized for all mobile devices, allowing potential customers to get the information and functionality they want quickly and easily, wherever they are.

Now is the time to ensure your company’s web site displays properly on mobile phones and hand–held devices. It is time to ensure your company profits from the mobile-friendly online revolution.
Mobile Internet users are searching for your business products and services online: if your website is not mobile phone friendly, they can’t find you?

If your web site’s design is not mobile friendly, it will not correctly display your web site. Important information such as your contact information, service overviews, locations, directions and address information. If users can’t quickly access what they’re looking for, your potential business and profits will be lost to your mobile ready competitors.

Mobile optimization should be implemented on every business web site. Whether your business is retail, roofing, real estate, a restaurant, or a government funded organization: being mobile will allow the fastest growing online search market to have access to your business. Going mobile now, will allow your business to grow its brand recognition.

Mobile devices come in all shapes and sizes, making mobile web design particularly tricky. You can’t simply copy and paste a site designed for Web into different mobile environments for best results.

We are experienced at designing for all types of mobile devices and platforms allowing people to find what they are looking for quickly and easily. We provide you with:

  • Easy-to-read fonts, buttons and navigation
  • Simplified and condensed menus
  • Images, videos and ads that load quickly
  • Simplified searches and layouts
  • Prioritized content

Not sure if your website design is mobile friendly or optimized for mobile? Find out now with a professional Internet marketing web site audit evaluation by an iMediaLocal mobile marketing specialist. Contact iMediaLocal today to learn more about upgrading your business web site design so that it’s mobile friendly and mobile optimized.